Taj Mahal is made from white Makrana marble, which is quite shiny and the most famous marble in the world, which holds the most important role in Changing Colours Of Taj Mahal.

The elaborate encryption on the walls is an example of its luxurious and thoughtful architecture.

Taj Mahal colors vary from time to time

Changing Colours Of Taj Mahal for every hour of the day and for every climate condition the Taj has its own shading esteems, from the soft dreaminess at Sunrise and the tremendous whiteness at high noon to its chilly splendor in the moonlight.

when the arch thin of substance as the breeze, hangs, among the stars like a wonderful pearl, yet one of these results can be equivalent to those few fleeting moments when it assumes the enchanting tint of some soft, vibrant rose, solely illuminated by the brief Indian afterglow.

Different shades and changing colors of Taj Mahal throughout the day:

Taj Mahal Before The Sunrise

When the first rays of the sun are ready to come to the tomb, before that time, some light is working to awaken the Taj Mahal and the night is dark on top of it. And it looks like a shadow which in itself is very quiet and magnificent.

Changing Colours Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal After The Sunrise

The best and most wonderful time to visit the Taj Mahal is at Sunrise. At this time the Taj Mahal seems to be bathed in the redness of the sun. Not just because the morning light changes the dome of the Taj Mahal to a soft, golden color, but also because it is the time when fewer and fewer tourists arrive, and if you arrive early, you get some perfect portraits too.

Some people like to see it from close and some people like to see the Taj Mahal from a distance, that the Taj Mahal appears to be light yellow and pink from far away when the morning sunrises.

Taj Mahal In the Afternoon

When the sun is on the head, the Taj Mahal appears quite white and bright. It is outstanding among other times to take brilliant bright pictures of the Taj Mahal, it seems quite white and magnificent at that time.

Changing Colours Of Taj Mahal

Don’t forget to carry an umbrella and a water bottle in the summertime, especially in the month from (April-September).

Taj Mahal At Sunset

The Taj Mahal becomes just like the time of the sun rising in the morning. But at this time, the yellow color is spreading its unique hue on the Taj Mahal, which looks quite beautiful and cool.

This is the time that you want to take it into your eyes. And you can remember it throughout your life.

At this time, the Taj Mahal has reduced considerably. And you can take a good and wonderful picture at this time. And keep them forever, If you want to do both sunrise and sunset tours of the Taj Mahal then you can choose “Taj Mahal Tour From Delhi” best recommended!

Changing Colours Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal At Full Moon

On the full moon day, the Taj Mahal becomes very beautiful and charming. On this night, people come from far and wide to see the Taj Mahal and are fascinated by its enchanting beauty. This is the time when the moon can be seen talking to the Taj Mahal.

Changing Colours Of Taj Mahal

At night, the Taj Mahal opens every month 2 nights before and 2 nights after the full moon. If you want to see the Taj Mahal at night, then you have to take a ticket 1 day before full moon night. 

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